Lisa B.

"I have known Rob since we were teenagers and lately it feels like I knew him well before that. His kind and gentle nature has to be the reason that he is in touch with the other side. He is so open and honest that he leaves me feeling comfortable and safe within any interaction. Rob helped me through an emotional time when I lost my older sister which lead from me grieving her loss to feeling joy for what she had gained. I value and treasure my friendship with Rob. I count myself blessed to have him in my life.”


Rob and I are long time friends. Every time we would reconnect by chance it would always be at a crucial time in my journey of life, as if he was meant to be there on assignment. Each time Rob would align himself to provide a spiritual insight, a clearing of my Auric field or a message from a loved one. One of my favourite conversations with Rob was about Angels. I had asked him what to say or do to experience them. The very next morning, upon waking up I had my very first viewing of these beautiful beings. I feel blessed to know Rob and to be able to call on him anytime.”

Anne F.

“Rob is very, very good at this work, excellent. His interpretations and insights were very accurate and very helpful. The healing work most appreciated. I would be very happy to recommend him to others!”

Brett S.


Josi Case- Shock Therapy

“Despite geographical distance, Rob's compassion and insight feels front and center in my mind and heart. We started off as fellow artists who, by some cosmic "coincidence" crossed paths over the wires. I quickly learned this was no coincidence at all, as Rob has, and continues to guide me through some major personal struggle. For reasons beyond my comprehension, he showed up in my life with great purpose, and I'm "eternally" grateful for his gift, and his humanity.”


"Rob is a gentle and caring soul with an acutely sharp awareness of others that is rare to find. He has such talents toward understanding and bringing folks around to a point of ease. I trust him and would recommend his work to anyone without hesitation."


Rob was there for me like a ray of sunshine from out of nowhere at probably the darkest moment in my life. I had never experienced such agonizing despair. I felt abandoned, guilty and ashamed. Someone I love was hurting me and the most important people in my life. I couldn’t handle the pain and no longer felt I could. I was alone and had been crying for hours. Actually, I had been crying for days. How Rob felt my pain, I will never know but I am incredibly grateful that he reached out when he did. Talking with Rob and being heard and not judged